Build and they will come. Town Star

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Town Star is the world’s first play-to-earn town builder built by Gala Games. Players use NFT in-game items to complete Daily Challenges and gather TownCoin rewards. The game is a competitive farming game from one of the co-founders of Zynga, the company behind Farmville. 

Build it, and they will come.

Each week, the top players on the leaderboard win big prizes, and every day, players complete challenges to unlock and collect TownCoin play-to-earn rewards! The goal is to grow, gather and craft your way to building the most efficient and productive town imaginable.

It’s all about the blockchain.

Town Star is one of the flagship games of Gala Games, built on Gala’s decentralized network and utilizing the Ethereum blockchain. Player-owned NFTs offering in-game advantages can be purchased and traded on secondary markets.

So, what does it mean to Play-to-Earn?

Playing to earn is a new type of gaming. Thanks to blockchain technology and the power of NFTs, players can now truly own their in-game assets in a way they never thought possible.

Gala Games is empowering gamers with games like Town Star, in which players are not only allowed to truly own their assets but encouraged to trade them on secondary markets as often as they would like. In some cases, players are even able to earn rewards for playing with these owned items. That is the basis of play-to-earn.

The vision comes true: TownCoin — The Play-to-Earn Reward Token

TownCoin is a token that was created by Gala Games exclusively as a reward for playing-to-earn with Town Star NFTs. Unlike imaginary in-game money that cannot leave the game, TownCoin is a real cryptocurrency that lives on a blockchain. It can be transferred between players, listed on third-party exchanges, or bought and sold on those exchanges.

Town Star (TOWN)

Look at a few facts. Adding TOWN to supply.

  • Players earn TownCoin from playing with NFTs
  • Node operators receive TownCoin in a daily distribution as a reward for operating their Founder’s Node

The bigger picture. Uses for TOWN.

  • Exclusive NFT items that can only be purchased with TownCoin
  • In-game upgrades and benefits that are purchasable only with TownCoin
  • Holding TownCoin provides additional benefits to Gala Power

The first sparks.

Gala recently introduced the concept of Town Power to the community. Town Power will determine your maximum TOWN earnings from the Daily Star Challenge. On the other hand Gala Power will still indicate how many of your placed NFTs are eligible for earnings. Once the system is fully implemented, it should be overall easier to place more NFTs for most players.

Going forward into the future.

The full implementation of Town Power will result in a more sustainable economy under the hood of Town Star. As more and more titles enter the Gala Games Ecosystem, the full implementation of Town Power also ensures that Town Star’s economy stays distinct and anchored to actual players of the game. Though Gala Power will apply to all games on their platform, Town Power is a formula unique to Town Star itself.

Nice, right?

Gala has now decided to focus in shifting the number of Stars required to complete it. Your first Daily Challenge with your new town will be to earn 500 Stars. Once completed, your next day’s challenge will be to earn 750 Stars. Once you knock that one out, the next Daily Challenge will require you to earn 1000 Stars. This rough pattern will continue all the way until the 31st Daily Challenge in the series, which will require you to earn a whopping 8000 Stars. 

But your star requirements will never increase if you do not complete a Daily Challenge.

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