The best investment is sometimes not the most evident

by Finploris
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One of the best investment strategies, as most of you know, is to just pay attention to trends.

For instance, if you look at the aging population of baby boomers, there are all types of business sectors that will be affected. Tour operators will sell more tours to retirees, medical device manufacturers will sell more products to aging seniors, and tax-friendly countries will see an influx of immigrants who are looking to lower taxes on their net worth.

These are all opportunities to invest in to take advantage of the baby boomer trend.

And there are other great opportunities…

Driverless cars are another obvious revolution. The direct investment opportunity is simply to invest in the car and technology companies that will make this all possible.

Indeed, there are ETFs you can buy right now that will give you specific exposure to driverless car technology. You don’t have to go searching for the company you expect to win the driverless car race. Instead, you can simply buy your preferred ETF to ensure you benefit from the upcoming trend. This includes, but is not limited to, the following ETFS: $KARS, $EKAR, $DRIV.

But what about the not so obvious investment opportunities around driverless cars?

So, for example, what will happen to all those cars that people no longer want? Will gas stations want to continue sitting on valuable real estate when, in the future, a driverless car can drive into a remote area to recharge on its own? What will happen to car insurance companies? This list could be continued endlessly.

The radical changes in the labor market are yet to come.

One of the main challenges I see is with the drivers themselves. I’m referring to professional drivers in cabs, buses and trucks. What will happen to all these people?

Your assumption is as good as mine. But I would bet that some entrepreneurs out there will start a highly profitable business that will retrain these people for new jobs.

All these drivers, there are millions worldwide, will not lose their jobs overnight, but we will see major changes in our lifetime.

So what the heck should you do?

This trend – the disappearance of driver jobs – is a similar one to that of software technology, biotechnology, cannabis or cryptocurrencies. While it may seem a long way off, or maybe even unlikely, the truth is that it will happen. Driverless cars are on the rise.

Those who invest in this coming change or found new companies in this field will profit massively from it.

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