Illuvium – The Crypto Game: Fight for ETH.

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Illuvium is an open-world RPG adventure game built on the Ethereum blockchain. The world of Illuvium is a shattered land of beauty and wonder. Travel the vast and varied landscape hunting dangerous beasts, then capture them to battle in the Arenas or trade via the exchange.

This collectible NFT game consist of an open-world RPG experience in the overworld, where you mine, harvest, capture, and fight Illuvials. You can strategically build your teams with Illuvials to beat your opponents in battle. The Illuvials possess unique stats, classes, and affinities.

Backed by the blockchain

Illuvium has a cinematic quality 3D special effects in an immersive open-world RPG built in DeFi. The game merges gaming and cryptocurrency in a unique synergy that holds allure for crypto enthusiasts, dedicated gamers, and the curious tech-savvy public.

Furthermore, Illuvium has functional, and rare NFTs, as well as a high replay value. This will keep players interested in the $ILV protocol longer, ensuring the stability of the underlying NFT assets and the token pool.


The anticipated release date for the Open Beta is scheduled for Q1 2022. And the primary goal of the project is to create a fully decentralised game that can run autonomously.

Free-to-play experience

You begin our game with a free-to-play experience that immerses you in our richly-detailed world, lets you enjoy some action, and helps you understand how the game works. The free-to-play experience of the Tier 0 regions will familiarize you with Illuvium.

Full-fledged gameplay experience

For a full-fledged gameplay experience you can decide to opt in to the paid experience. With this you can start collecting NFTs from higher tiered regions, and delve into deeper adventures to explore the mysteries of the game where the NFTs you gather start to hold more value as well.

Play-to-earn aspects

You can also earn in-game rewards in ILV through competitions and tournaments, or completing PVE quests. Additionally, you can capture Illuvials and collect resources to buy and sell on the Illuvidex, the in-game marketplace.

ILV Token

ILV is the official Illuvium token. Technically, it is an ERC20 token on the Ethereum blockchain. You don’t need any ILV for gameplay. But you can earn $ILV through play, and become part of the community-based governance. ILV has three main functions:

  • Governance: community collaboration on game improvement proposals
  • Liquidity Mining: Staking ILV returns yield in the form of ILV
  • Vault Distributions: 100% of revenue from the game and sales will be shared between ILV stakers

ILV token can be purchased from the official liquidity pool, hosted on Sushiswap.

sILV Token

sILV is a synthetic ILV token and can be used as in-game currency for things like travel and shard curing. It can be earned by staking $ILV in the protocol. $sILV is pegged to the value of $ILV for in-game spending power. $sILV cannot be used in player to player transactions, such as buying/selling Illuvials.

However, sILV , like ETH, can be used as currency to purchase things in-game such as Curing Shard, Skins, Enhancements, and Travel. Unlike $ILV, there is no vesting period on sILV, and they can be used immediately as soon as they have been claimed.


ILV rewards are subject to a 12 month vesting period. While they are vesting they compound your rewards. sILV rewards are unlocked and can be used in-game once the game is live. In general, rewards are subject to a 12 month vesting period before they can be withdrawn.

Illuvium NFTs

The Illuvium gameplay contains a collection of promotional and cosmetic NFTs that have been minted by the Illuvium DAO. The list includes the Cosplay and Genesis Promo sets, which mark the beginning of our journey.

Some Illuvials are easy to find, some are incredibly rare. They are found across a vast landscape. The planet’s core spills out a strange radiation that the Illuvials harness to grow, mutate, and unleash deadly attacks.

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