Masterflex: Over-proportional increase in profitability

by Finploris
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Masterflex produces sophisticated connector and hose systems made of high-performance plastics and fabrics. The company’s products and solutions ensure demanding and essential functions in high-tech sectors such as aerospace, medical technology, mechanical and plant engineering, the chemical industry, food and pharmaceutical technology. 

Masterflex’s industrial hoses meet demanding requirements and must be able to absorb and convey solid, liquid or gaseous media. In the near future the company will also offer networkable and smart hoses equipped with sensors to communicate proactively. 

In 2019, the management introduced the optimization program “Back to Double Digit” (B2DD). Consequently, the combination of strict cost discipline together with the efficiency measures led to an improved EBIT-margin of 9.5% (H1/2020: 6.6%).

Additionally, the consolidated revenue rose by 4.0% from EUR 37.4 million in the same period of the previous year to EUR 38.9 million as of June30, 2021. The operating EBIT increased by 49.6% to EUR 3.7 million.

We expect an above-average strong and profitable business development in the second half of the year. We see the sustainable achievement of a double-digit EBIT margin as achievable from 2022 onwards – despite the current challenges.

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