KRATOS drives the Space Renaissance

by Finploris
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Kratos specializes in areas where technology advances can have a force multiplier effect. The company has leading positions in core market areas such as Space & Satellite, Drones and Artificial Intelligence as well as Microwave Electronics. Kratos is the leading provider of Satellite Command & Control and Telemetry, Tracking & Control Ground Systems in the world and a leader in the Transition to Open Architecture, Software Defined, and Digital to IP Data Conversion Systems. The company supports about 80% of Space Missions.

52 Week Range (in $)14.40 – 34.11
Market Cap (in $)3.095B
PE Ratio37.88

Kratos’s global owned and operated Monitoring Network is one of the most valuable and unique assets driven by the increasing number of satellites driving Space Monitoring Demand. Thousands of satellites are planned for the future, including to track Hypersonic Threats and providing Ground Station as a Service.

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Additionally, the company has made significant internally funded investments to achieve its market leading positions and strong forecasted organic growth profile, with investments expected to continue in 2021 to support multiple new technologies. Kratos’s revenues increased $30.2 million to $747.7 million for the year ended December 27, 2020 from $717.5 million in 2019. Revenues in the Government Solutions segment increased $4.6 million due to revenue from the recent ASC Signal acquisitions, which contributed an aggregate of approximately $21.9 million, and increases in the microwave products of approximately $17.9 million. These increases were offset by reduced revenues in legacy services and commercial satellite. Beyond that, revenues in the US segment increased $25.6 million primarily due to unmanned systems. The Houston-based company’s stock price increased more than 500% within 5 years.

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