Acting with Power: Why We Are More Powerful Than We Believe

by Finploris
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Acting with Power offers a smart, interesting, and eye-opening paradigm that overturns everything we thought we knew about the purpose of power. It shows how the power we do possess can be used humanely and well, for the advancement of something more than our personal success. Even though we feel powerless sometimes, we have more power than we tend to believe. The nature of power is all at once an art of acquiring power by using our abilities while being our authentic selves. This is due to the fact that power exists in every relationship, on grounds of the roles we play in others’ lives.

We can all learn how to adapt our power based on the setting, the relationship dynamics, and the emotions we bring onstage with us. The purpose of power is about how much we are needed, and the degree to which we fulfill our responsibilities. It is not a resource for self-enhancement, it is the participation we play in someone else’s story. True power is more deferential than we realize. This new perspective on power will change how we think about power and we handle it. Besides, it is not just how much power we have but how we use it that determines how powerful we are.

Acting with Power will give us fresh insights on the important topic how we deal with our power. We all make choices about how to use the power that comes with our given circumstances. We tend to think of power as something that looks and works more or less the same in anyone who wields it. But there is no one ‘right’ or ‘wrong’ way to act with power. We are not always cast in the roles we desire; however, we can learn to get more comfortable with power by adopting our responsibility to others.

By Deborah Gruenfeld et al. (2020)

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