Enel: the energy revolution has just begun

by Finploris
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The Italian company Enel SpA is Europe‘s biggest utility. The company plans to double its renewable portfolio by 2030. For this reason, Enel will diversify its renewable capacity outside the European continent by geography.

The new energy system
Electricity is a crucial key to fight climate change. To ensure the energy transition, Enel invested in flexible and modular platforms with digitalized networks connecting renewable energy sources with consumers. Enel’s sustainable-linked strategic objectives will shift the energy transformation from a small number of large power stations generating energy for passive consumers to an intelligent network of renewables sources and billions of active objects at the customers.

Green hydrogen
To ensure a future for the planet, Enel invests in new pilot plants to produce hydrogen from renewable sources. Besides the electrification, hydrogen plays an important role to limit global warming and to combat climate change. According to the “Hydrogen Roadmap Europe: A sustainable pathway for the European Energy Transition”, hydrogen is required for Europe’s energy transition. Hydrogen provides a promising way to decarbonize selected segments in industry, transport and buildings. According to a report by the IEA, the processes to produce grey hydrogen produce large quantities of pollution emissions, because of the extraction from fossil fuels. In view of Enel’s decarbonization goals, the company will supply green hydrogen. This 100% sustainable hydrogen is obtained through the electrolysis of water from renewable sources.

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