NextEra Energy: powered by renewable energy

by Finploris
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NextEra Energy Inc. is one of the renewable supermajors that is at the top to electrify the world with green energy. The company invested in clean-power plants when wind turbines and solar panels were considered unprofitable. The shift toward renewable energy will help to lower heat-trapping carbon dioxide. Because of the electrification of automobiles, the spending on renewable energy will outpace that of conventional energy like oil next year, according to Goldman Sachs Group Inc.

NextEra Energy, the biggest publicly traded wind and solar energy producer, outperformed the market capitalization of comparable petroleum companies like Exxon Mobil Corp. Over the long term this has underlined the prospects of clean power even as a long-term portfolio investment for institutional investors. At the outset clean energy was not commercially profitable. Through the years the new upstarts grow bigger trough encouraged acquisitions and government subsidies. NextEra Energy still operates power plants that run on fossil fuels. Thanks to renewables, now the cheapest electric energy in most of the world, renewable companies like NextEra Energy plan to develop new capacities of clean power.

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